Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Actual Experience essays

The Actual Experience essays Have you ever been to one of you favorite bands or musicians shows before? Wondered what it takes to put on a show? You are in that point of view of being in the crowd. Now you will learn what goes on from the point of view of a band member in a group called The Same. There is a bassist/backup vocalist, guitarist/vocalist, and a drummer. When a band of musicians takes the stage at a show there are things that have to take place and feelings that dont compare to anything else. I will bring you in a musicians shoes on the day of a live show. During the actual performance, the feelings, and what happens after the show. The time comes up when The Same is supposed to set up their equipment on stage and get ready. The bassist has a Fender p bass, the color of the sky on a beautiful day, and an 8 x 10 Hartke amp. It is about the size of a small child. The drummer has a very nice 5 piece set. Two crash symbols that will cringe in your ears, a snare that could pop a zit right off your face, a ride cymbal that rings like a bell, two toms, hi hats, floor tom, and a thumping bass drum. The guitarist has two different amps, and a nice wooden-red guitar with a lot of pedals. The Same then gets on stage and starts to set up. The amps are then turned up loud, making sure to have the volume of the bass amp up just as loud as the guitar amp and the drums. Then the mics are turned on. Check one, two. Czechoslovakia, the guitarist says. Check one, two. Checky, check, check, said the bassist. Now its time for the band to get their mind set to what they are about to play and forget anything else that tends to flow through their brains. There is a feeling of being focused, relaxed, but a little nervous. Hearts are beating fast and they are just walking back and forth ready to rock some kids socks off. Their teeth are cringing and their throats just want to get some ...

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